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  • 21.12.2017
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Zolole | 21.12.2017
Ahh, good ol Canadian talent right there ladies and gents.
Mokree | 28.12.2017
hot x
Karn | 28.12.2017
Hey baby I want to see you asap
Meztiktilar | 22.12.2017
I mentioned in one of my posts that proof is usually something we reserve for math. But here is the quote: The Borde-Vilenkin-Guth Theorem proves that any universe, that has, on average, a rate of expansion greater than one must have a finite beginning. In fact, Vilenkin had this to say regarding the beginning of the universe, “It is said that an argument is what convinces reasonable men and a proof is what it takes to convince even an unreasonable man. With the proof now in place, cosmologists can no longer hide behind the possibility of a past-eternal universe. There is no escape, they have to face the problem of a cosmic beginning. (Many Worlds in One [New York: Hill and Wang, 2006], p.176 Emphatically, then, the feeling that the universe is infinitely old, beginningless, or eternal has no basis in any respected mainstream scientific theories of the universe.
Moktilar | 25.12.2017
It's worth while to report what you know to authorities, not what you suspect. But that isn't even what the OP is about. It's about telling her son.

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